About the Fort Group

Our History

The Fort Group of companies are licensed by the GFSC and was formed in 1973 to provide trust and corporate services to clients worldwide. As such it is probably one of the oldest privately owned Trust Companies in Guernsey, with many of our clients having been with us for over 25 years. The current Board of Directors of The Fort Group offer a blend of professional qualifications and a wealth of experience within the finance industry.


Being privately owned by Bailiwick residents we have the unique advantage of being able to offer clients total confidentiality within the laws of the Bailiwick. We are not affiliated to any banks, lawyers or accountants and because of this independence we are able to work with the broadest spectrum of professionals in order to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Personal Service

Our strength lies in our ability to provide a personal, cost‑effective and flexible service and we do not intend to become a large rigid organization where personal service is lost. Our further strengths lie in the quality of our staff. The Fort Group has a strong and reliable management team along with experienced and well qualified administrators, who work along side each other to offer every client the best possible service. We encourage continuous professional development to ensure all training is current and relevant. Our clients can be assured of ready access to staff with a direct and professional understanding of their affairs.

Professional Relationships

Many of our private and corporate clients receive sophisticated financial and taxation advice from their own lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers and bank managers. The Fort Group acts as a fulcrum in the network of advisors, working with all professional advisors to develop a co‑ordinated, planned and controlled solution to the client’s needs. If a client requires advice, we are able to consult the most appropriate individual because we work closely with many professional International financial institutions.


The range of services we offer is exceptionally broad, and our success is based on maintaining a flexible and personal relationship with each one of our clients.

The development of strong professional relationships within the local finance industry and internationally, alongside the expertise of our staff means that we are able to provide a bespoke service to all our clients. We are often approached to provide access to providers of finance and to set up efficient financing mechanisms. We liaise with commercial and merchant banks for funding and as their credit criteria is known to us, we are often able to speed up the decision process by understanding and conveying to the client the minimum requirements for successful funding. On this basis we have built excellent relationships with offshore and onshore banks, as they know that prior to introducing a client we have taken all the necessary steps to know our clients and their needs.

Regulations & Licensing

The Fort Group conducts its business in a prudent manner. We ensure that our client acceptance criteria and internal due diligence complies with the recommendations and standards established in a premier offshore location such as Guernsey.

Having established our offices in Guernsey and Alderney, we are strongly committed and supportive of the aims of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.