Guernsey is a self governing Crown dependency in the English Channel, about 30 miles off the coast of France and 75 miles from England. The Island has an area of 25 square miles (67square km) and an average population of about 65,000 people.


Guernsey’s prime location between the British mainland and Europe make it a highly attractive choice for potential clients, with frequent flights linking the island to both.

Political & Economic stability

Guernsey is internally self‑governing by the States of Guernsey and has fiscal independence and its own legislature and laws. Guernsey is not a member state nor an associate member of the EC; the relationship between Guernsey and the EC, a special relationship set out in Protocol 3 like that of The Fort Group, to the Treaty of Accession of the UK to the EC.   The regulatory body for financial business is the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and it has statutory powers to enforce compliance with the laws relating to the conduct of financial business.

Business environment